Warm Light Pine cones

Table-top decorations with flickering LED battery-powered light and aromatic pine scent.

  • Designed and hand-made by Kate Baldwin in Madison, Wisconsin
  • Scented with balsam fir needle oil, defused from a refillable holder
  • Battery powered, golden LED tea light (with timer) flickers within
  • Lid of pine cone lifts off to access LED light and scented oil holder
  • Made using a CO2 laser cutter at Sector67, a membership makerspace/hackerspace in Madison, WI

Start conversations with hand-made, laser cut, decorative pine cones. I originally designed these pine cones as a holiday gift for family members. I drew the designs using vector illustration software and cut out each wooden ring using the laser cutter at my local membership makerspace, Sector67. I then stacked and glued the 20 rings to form the contours of a pine cone. A golden light flickers inside the wooden pine cone. The lid lifts off to access the inside, where you will find a battery-powered LED tea light with automatic timer to stay on for 6 hours at the same time each day. Under the tea light is a cylinder oil holder that defuses scented balsam fir needle oil to slowly releases scent. The oil holder can be refilled by dripping more oil in the side-vents. Battery is included, and is also replaceable.

If you would like more information about pine cones, please contact Kate at Kate@K8Baldwin.com.

My Pine Cones were featured in the Isthmus Newspaper Giving 2016.

Kate Baldwin is a Scientific Illustrator in Madison, Wisconsin.

Contact email: Kate@K8Baldwin.com